Petroleum Coke Desulfurization – LEHCO Process Engineering – Louis Herrington

LEHCO Process Engineering, L.L.C. is a Chemical Process Consultancy for Petroleum Coke Desulfurization.

Louis Herrington, P.E., Richard Crisp, and Associates offering Creative Assistance to the  Chemical Process Industry.

  • Invest in the patented LEHCO Pet Coke Desulfurizer.  Tank advantage of the acute shortage of pet coke below 0.5% sulfur.  Check out the potential for large returns.
  • Contact LEHCO in Daphne, AL for details.
  • Review the plans for the first commercially viable process.


Technology and Skills include Petroleum Coke Processing, Charcoal, and Process Engineering.

petroleum coke specialistLouis Herrington. P.E. is a 1961 BSChE Graduate of the University of California,

Louis has extensive experience in the Manufacture of Hazardous Chemicals having spent 25 years in technical pesticide manufacture.  His experience includes the Grass Roots Design and Start-up of a new Pesticides Chemical Complex for Stauffer AG plus 10 years of highly successful Site Management.  St. Gabriel Ag was the first fully code plant in Stauffer Chemical Company and was credited as being in full compliance with the emerging PSM regulations.  Louis’ Ag experience included the combustion of petroleum coke with generation of CO and phosgene gas.  He has experience in Rotary Kilns for Calcining Petroleum Coke and has a process design and pending patent for the economical removal of sulfur from the coke.

Richard Crisp, BS, Chemistry, University of Alabama, has spent his career in the Coal, Coke and Petroleum Coke Industry.  He served as Technology Manager in the manufacture of Metallurgical and Foundry Coke for ABC Coke in Birmingham, AL and spent 25 years with Great Lakes Carbon as Technical Manager, Plant Manager, and General Manager Corporate.